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Wow, what a day!  God provided us with so many opportunities, experiences and blessings today.  As I sit down to write this blog it’s hard for me to find a focus given all of the things that happened.  I’m also feeling a sense of guilt for those of you reading this because we are here observing and experiencing with the teens some personal transformations, new experiences and God pouring into them.  I will do my best to provide the details.

We started the day with some team building exercises  that really stretched the teens ability to work together and as a team.  They were able to rally as a team and work together.   This was major progress.

Following lunch it was time to meet the horses! Each camper was assigned a horse and taught how to groom, tack, mount, ride at a walk and feed and water their horses.  Some were initially very hesitant, anxious and even scared.  By the end all were feeling and looking comfortable on and around their horses.  Horses are naturally amazingly therapeutic animals.  Picture the following:

  1.  Very energetic, even hyperactive kids immediately calming down with their speech and actions.
  2. Scared or anxious kids smiling and laughing during the course of a one hour lesson.
  3. Disengaged kids having a sense of accomplishment and pride during the course of a one hour lesson.

It was truly amazing!

Following dinner we began our entrepreneurial portion of the program with three guest speakers.  David Munyagwa (Munyagwa Apparel), Eric Leachie (Carbon Stories) and Vincent McInstosh (Irie Restaurant) blew the group away with their presentation.  Oh, and all three of these entrepreneurs are just nineteen years old.  They were able to connect with the kids with their amazing stories and shared experiences they’ve had developing their businesses as well as life lessons and advice for future business owners.  Some of our campers even dazzled the group with business ideas they have.

This evening Kevin shared his testimony.  You could hear a pin drop as Kevin engaged the kids with his story of trials, tribulations, redemption and life as a follower of Christ.

God is great.







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