Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth

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Good morning friends and family. As we start our third day I would like to thank God for the young men and their courage that they show us every day, it is not easy to be out of your comfort zone then asked to grow and challenge yourself. As they look to us for support, encouragement and strength so we as Leaders look to God for our support, encouragement and strength.

After breakfast we do morning devotions. As the days go on the more questions the guys have. How do you know?  What does that mean? What does it have to do with me?


Today’s devotion was about the prodigal son. The story is more than a story about God’s love and grace for us. It is about personal choices and the consequences for those choices. Like the prodigal son struggled in life away from his father so we struggle without God in our life. As the group continues to struggle and grow to work as one unit are we able as leaders to continue  to point to God’s direction and the love he has for us.

The guys are learning through games and other activities it may be challenging to work as a team but it cans also be more rewarding.



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