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These guys are pretty awesome. In spite of some fairly serious incidents and moments of anger and frustration yesterday, the young men bounced back so well this morning. Most of them are making their way over the wall to a place where they can actually begin to listen enough to get it. As a whole the group is beginning to hold each other accountable and sort things out on there own without staff stepping in. As of now we have not had to give a consequence to anyone and it has been good to see God really bringing it today and softening some hearts.
Staff Dave Saylor spent some time after horses this morning sharing his life story, the good the bad the struggles and the victories. He made some definite connections with our group and opened up some good conversations through sharing how Christ picked him up out a dark place in his life and gave him a promise of hope and victory! Something about a bunch of guys trying to act like they don’t have tears in their eyes just brings you together I guess.



Friendships have been mended after some rough moments yesterday and we are able to really enjoy some of this time together and build on those friendships.
They campers were able to ride this morning and play some games on horseback. They even had the opportunity to ride a horse without the saddle which some thought “it was pretty cool but a little painful” as Cole puts it.



I will admit that some bad choices will still be made, but the idea of rules, consequences and respect is beginning to become more routine. More good choices than bad is a victory for sure. And in good conscience I will admit that even I have been convicted on a few things over the last 24 hours. One of which is not following a couple “smaller” rules because I’m Staff. Scripture tells us to be obedient and respectful and that includes following rules. I can also see that these young men need my consistency, and also to see that I’m no different than they are… and that includes making mistakes.
The campers are really taking to heart all the great things our prayer partners are sharing with them. It really makes a difference for them when they know the support is there. At this point all of the campers have at least opened up to share some things that need to change and begun to show some changes, including many who are not even aware of it. They are good kids who desire to change even though they may tell themselves different.

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  1. John Klumpp

    Great to hear. Praying for you and the kids. Love to see how God is working. He is working on all of you, not just the kids. Keep breaking down walls and being real! Love and prayers brother!


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