Coming home with new skills!

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Well, we are getting some rain on and off but no thunder or lightning.  The rain hasn’t stopped us from swimming and fishing so all is good.

In the morning the kids will be coming home so parents I want to speak to you in this blog.  The kids have been working hard learning different strategies for the specific things they are working on as well as with basic issues that come up as kids/teens.  Some have made major transformations whether it is in their behavior, thought processes, the way the respond to people, the way they get along or work with others, etc.  So as they return to the people that love them the most I ask that you encourage them to share with you the things they have learned or the transformations they’ve made.   Raising kids is rewarding but can also be very challenging.  Challenge your kid as we have to make good choices and love others as God does.   Each one of the campers helped develop a behavioral goal early in the week that they wanted to work on while at camp.  Although we haven’t completely accomplished every goal we have made a lot of progress.    For many of them the structure, accountability, and time we’ve spent talking about and embracing the things they do well has been very impactful.  I encourage you to continue these things.

In addition, Dan Morton will continue to be a monthly support to you and will be able to assist you.  He will have the camper individual goals to discuss each month as well.

This is a great group of kids and we have been blessed to have this opportunity with them.

See you all tomorrow!


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