Gods Country

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This has been an amazing experience for the boys! Each boy has met and conquered his own personal challenges over the past few days.  There’s something special about leaving the comforts of home and experiencing God’s creation out here in the wilderness! We had our long hike yesterday but the boys did amazing! This is not an easy hike and the pride of completing it will be something no one can ever take away from them. We put up camp at the water fall last night, spent some time swimming in the river, then had dinner.  After dinner  we had our first solo time. During solo time the boys are placed by themselves in the wilderness with their Bible. The first they were given was John chapter 3:15-21.   After so long time we gathered around the fire and discuss what they heard And felt.   A few of the boys had amazing experiences with God and with their leaders.  We finished the night with a story around the fire. It rained on us last night, and the forecast shows more rain this evening with  severe thunderstorms. We do have a severe weather plan, but don’t want to have to use it. Please pray that God would move the storms around us allowing us to continue working with the boys here in the wilderness. We will be packing up camp soon and heading to the suspension bridge. Today will be filled with swimming, fishing, and great fellowship with each other!

We Will continue to have spotty cell service but I will post as I have the opportunity.  I am not able to upload pictures to the blog. But it seems I can get them on Facebook.


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