New Diet! Reduce Negative Influence & Increase Sugar In-take

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Last night was a special night as Mr. Dave shared his testimony of addiction with the boys.  Like we told the boys, it’s not easy for the leaders to be vulnerable and share their hearts about some of past hurts in their lives, but we do this because we want them to also hear about the saving grace God offers to all of us.

Dave talked about those external factors he allowed in his life which impacted his behavior and decisions in a negative way. He explained the consequences of those bad decisions.

Dave asked each of the boys to identify one external factor that they are allowing to impact their behavior and decisions in a bad way…he also asked them to think about one or two things they are doing wrong back home that they can  stop doing and/give up now in order to stay out of trouble.

We had the boys find a stick and we gave them each a marker. We had them write the negative external factor and/or the bad decisions they are making. These ranged anywhere from stealing to disrespect and even to bad friend choices. When they were ready, we reminded the boys about GRACE and how God is ready to erase those bad decisions and help them eliminate the negative external factors. To symbolize Gods grace, we had the boys throw their sticks in the fire and watch the fire erase the sticks.

To celebrate, we had monster S’mores! We ended the night with a “kind of” scary story around the fire leaving the boys full of sugar and excitement around the next days activities!



  1. Connie Pifer

    Hi Guys, We are praying for all of you to have a greater understanding of life and for good weather.

    Hayes, I did not see a picture of you yet with the horse your taking care of. So Im wondering….what color it is, is it a boy or girl,does it have good manners? Can’t wait to hear from you.

    I Love you Hayes,

    • Hayes

      My horses name is Mouse. Mouse is a boy and he is silver, black, and brown. He has very good manners. Love you.


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