A Day Filled With Fun!!!

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Today we woke up and it started like every other day as we started with our morning devotions. We talked about how God created us in His image and how we are different than anything else and we are God’s masterpiece. (Genesis 1:26-27) , (Ephesians 2:10) After our morning devos we walked down to get breakfast. We got our protein and headed to our horses.


We split into two groups and the first group learned how to control their horse more effectively while the second group went off riding in the arena. After the horses we did a short team building exercise.

We asked the boys to imagine they were making a blueprint for the tallest tower in the world after they finished we gave them marshmallows, spaghetti noodles, tape and string to try to create their tower as a team. It was a challenge but they did it!  After we cleaned the tables and headed to lunch we went to the zip line.

Most of the kids did do the zip line but there were a few that were not quite ready to conquer their fear of heights just yet! As the last few people went down the zip line raindrops started to fall so we headed back to the cabin and had about a 30 min break while we waited for the rain to stop! The bus pulled up and we headed to the river to go tubing.

We got to see many types of nature as in bald eagles a owl a fox and a snapping turtle. After that we came back to the cabin to take off our wet swim suits. At about five o’clock we went to go learn how to throw a tomahawk.

We had some luck with this! six o’clock rolls around and we started to head to dinner we had BBQ chicken yumm! we started to head back to the cabin to wind down at a fire while Patrick shared his testimony we reminded the boys that its not easy for the leaders to share their past and to be respectful! After patrick shared his life story we headed in and took our showers and brushed our teeth and settled down for bed.



  1. Leigh Wetzig

    Great writing Kadyn. Thanks for being a junior leader and for being an example to all the boys. Praying for you this week.

    Leigh Wetzig (Antonio’s mom)

  2. Kimberly Mosley

    The boys are learning so much and look very happy. Trust in God he will show you the way.

  3. Laura

    Sounds like you have had a very full day. Glad all of you are trying new things. Good job in writing this.
    Love you,
    Uncle Brad & Aunt Laura

  4. Aunt Sue

    Good job Kadyn. So happy for all of you young men!


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