Learning to Grow.

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Today was another awesome day blessed by God. Enjoying the sunshine and a cloud free morning while we studied Psalm 139:13-14. David states “you made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully  complex.” Grasping just how complex and precious we are to the Father has been a theme all week, as we have discussed creation, animals, and the special interaction with our horses.

Like Amber showed us in the round pen yesterday God doesn’t leave us and we like the horse must choose to follow. Today we had the opportunity to lead while following.  The guys were driving a team of horses with commands and teamwork, another great spiritual exercise by the staff here at Cran Hill. The ability to communicate confidently, calmly, and commanding to get the team to go where instructed took some stepping out of our comfort zones for some.

Today the guys held a small rodeo to show off their new riding skills, and I must admit we were quite impressed at how much and how fast they soaked up the riding lessons.  Some fun competition this afternoon. The girls in the barn had taken some of the hair from the guys horses and made a momento key chain with it for the guys to take home.

Many lessons this week in practicing Faith and trusting each other pushed some of our limits. The guys continued to encourage each other and help one another overcome some fears today as we took a trust fall, drove the team of horses and went Kayaking. God too is asking us to leave our comfort zone so he can complete us. Tearing down our walls is not always easy however when it happens the reward and excitement are true joy. Watching these young men grow this week has been an amazing opportunity to be a part of.

Common words this week have been Epic, Solution, Problem, Growth, Trust, Perseverance, Choices, and Consequences.  At the end of every conversation or lesson God whose “workmanship is marvelous and how well I know it” Ps.139:14



  1. Amanda Ayers

    Zach, I have been following you on Facebook. I am so proud of you! It looks like you are learning and experiencing some new and exciting things. Keep up the good work. You are doing great buddy! I love you! Hailey and Austin say hello.

  2. Connie Pifer

    Hi Hayes, looks like you are still having fun and experiencing new things. Reminds me of the times I went camping as a kid! I’m praying for you and everyone at your camp.


  3. Mom and Tony

    Great job on team work guys!! Keep up all your hard work!! Hope you enjoyed Cran Hill as much as camping along the river! God bless you all!!


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