Mixed Emotions.

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So Day 5 coming to an end has all of us wrestling with emotion…the boys said good bye to their horses today while the CHR staff presented them with a special memorabilia in remembrance of their experience here, specifically the bond they have formed with their horses. This along with the tensions growing from close living quarters and extensive time spent together has pushed many closer to their breaking point. As this is difficult and even heartbreaking, it is what we have been praying for. This is our best opportunity to really meet them with love when they feel the most unlovable.

After dinner today was a little rough for everyone and some corrections had to be made, it seemed that they received the direction well and the rest of the night went much smoother.

In preparation for “pack out” tomorrow, we have given the boys an opportunity to share their own testimonies. I am hopeful this allows for some mutual understanding. We are All broken and vulnerable. We All have a story. Our past doesn’t define our future, however it can shed light on our present.

I am moved at how intently they have listened to each other. I am moved even more at the bonds that have been both made and strengthened this week and can only imagine how these next 4 days will continue to bring these young men closer to The Lord! I am humbled to be here as a vessel for Him to use to hopefully relate and reassure!

I conclude this day in His hands and grateful for the sole footprints in the sand as I know He carries me through the toughest moments and gives me strength!



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  1. Tina Tarr

    Your post welled tears in my eyes. I know some of what Nate has been through and its been tough. My prayers for him to get so much out of this trip. Thank you so much for what you and all the staff are doing for not only my grandson but all of the young men with you this week.
    Tina Tarr


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