Last full day at Cranhill!

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Rise and shine boys, the leaders and I (Junior leader Sam) woke up the campers and started of the day with devotions and breakfast. Then after breakfast thats when some of the boys got hit pretty hard leaving there horses. All the boys got a small name tag with there horses names on it as well as a little bit of there hair. after the horses, we had a great time doing a team building activity, everybody was cooperating and all went great! After lunch we went on a trail ride with other horses and that was the last time the boys saw there horses as well as others. The leaders and the kids played archery tag right before dinner and that didn’t go the best towards the end things were said as well as things being thrown. At dinner things started to get worse with words and not listening. After dinner, I decided to talk with the boys about about there behavior towards the leaders and how I was little disappointed and when my discussion was over they were totally new kids and changed right away! Thank you to everyone for there the prayers to us leaders as well as the boys! Think thats all for the Blog, thanks again to everybody!


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