What a blast but on to the last

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We made it to the waterfall site with these young men that are crazy fast hikers. I am in shock at how well these gents do with all of the hills, mud, rain, weight in packs, etc. This hike introduced the boys to their first MRE (Meal Ready to Eat); donated by MSgt Murillo (USMC). Most of the boys are catching on and we’re setting up their tents and getting firewood. This camp site was really two sites; one up a hill and one down right on the river…of course most of the boys chose to be down on the water.

A couple of the boys caught some crawfish in the river and cooked them up for an appetizer.

The sun went down and the sky was full of beautiful stars. Sitting around the fire Steve shared his powerful testimony….wow what a wonderful man. After the boys went to bed the staff stayed up and talked about how the enemy is going to start attacking as we get close to salvation.

This morning we woke up to eat breakfast and the enemy started attacking. One of the boys was having a tough morning and didn’t want to follow the rules. Nothing a lot of love can’t fix. God will always defeat the enemy and this is a perfect example of this.

We made it to our last camp site and set up camp. We ate some lunch and I am currently sitting on a sand dune watching these awesome young men fish and swing on a tree swing into the river with the wonderful leaders.

Please pray for us tonight that we have a good night and that God will do great things in these boys! We are looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Lee-Youth Leader



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