Salvation night

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What a powerful day! We cooked up burgers and hot dogs over the fire then went right into the evening message. The boys listened intently and  when it came time, we had three boys make a decision to ask God to be the leader of their lives! We had two others pray to re-commit themselves to following God. The angels are having a party tonight! The enemy has no power here! And this week would not be possible without the power of prayer from all our supporters back home!  Our prayer now is that these boys will go from here with a changed heart. We want them to see the connection between the commitments they made this week and their behavior at home and school. We finish our 1 week camp tomorrow with a celebration and then the boys transition into our aftercare. Our case manager will begin meeting with them at their schools and working with their families at home to support the transformation. Each and every boys is leaving our Wilderness Adventure ranch week a new man!

You will not see anymore posts on this blog about our 2017 programs. Please continue to pray for the boys  as they go back to school.

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  1. Tina Tarr

    Thank you for all the care and love you showed our young men this past week. As I followed the boys week I was so happy to see Nate having such a great time and the others as well. I will pray that that all these young men will continue in there change as they head back to there normal every day life. Again thank you from my ❤. Whatan amazing time you shared with them.
    Tina Tarr


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