New Challenges and New Adventures

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Last night we had a blast during archery tag. We had some great competition between the teams and even let the boys unload arrows on the leaders like a firing squad! It was a lot of fun!

Today was another exciting day at new adventures. We continued to explore learn and practice horse grooming, riding prep, leading, barn chores and bathing of the horses. It was an amazing experience to see some of our campers overcome some initial anxieties and hesitation to experience success in some of these areas as witnessed in the emotions, body language and interpersonal sharing with others.

During entrepreneurship, creative thinking skills were put to the test in the creation of towers made out of supplied materials in which team building, problem-solving and communication skills between the boys were all exercised small groups working cooperatively with one another.

We continue to learn and grow from each another as the day presents new challenges, and adventures.

The boys are starting to get comfortable with each other which is good but also presents challenges as they are getting on each other’s nerves and some are starting to display some negative behavior. This is normal as our activities are presented in a way to allow this to happen. Our team meets each of the boys where they are and we are able to give them coping skills and strategies to work through these behaviors. This will especially help them when they return home.

All the boys are doing great and continuing to challenge themselves in BIG ways! Keep us in your prayers as we navigate the rest of the week!


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