We Leave Saturday for our 2nd All-Girls Program!

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We are so excited to leave this Saturday for our June all-girl Wilderness Adventure Ranch! Our program team is excited to kick things off this Saturday with our partners at Cran-Hill Ranch near Big Rapids, MI. We will spend 5 days at Cran-Hill Ranch working with the horses and learning teambuilding and leadership skills.  On day 6, we shoot over to the North Country Trail for an 11 mile backpacking trip along the Manistee river. AMAZING things happen for these girls when we get them out into God’s creation!  We will be posting daily updates with pictures here on the blog from June 15 – June 23…please follow along and post encouraging comments to the girls!

We still need THREE of the ELEVEN scholarships for these families.  One $2400 scholarship covers a whole family (at-risk teen, siblings, parents) for an entire 12-months for in-home case management, in-school mentoring, follow-up events, and summer camp.  If you know someone/church/business who may be interested to sponsor a family, please contact us for more details.  Click DONATE to be directed to our secure online donation page; every dollar helps!

Thanks and God bless!


  1. Kim Dittenber

    I am so excited for your adventure to begin. I pray that these girls connect with each other, emulate their leaders and find the strength with in themselves to not just survive at camp, but to thrive for a lifetime. Start strong and stick together. You will all win if you’re on the same team.
    Best wishes,

  2. Pam Neikirk

    Praying for you all as you seek the Lord during this time away. Praying the Lord meets you at every step and gives you all you need to minister to these girls. Praying for a bonding for these girl with each other and their Lord and Savior.

    In The Love of Christ,


  3. Naomi Nyboer

    Good Morning! It may be cloudy out today but I am so excited for you all to take off to Cran Hill today!! I am praying that you will be able to be yourselves around these new “friends”. I am looking forward to see all the amazing things you do this week.

  4. Loie Conrad

    Praying for K all the girls to be to communicate with each other and the leaders. Praying you feel Gods presence all around you.

  5. Katie

    Praying for all the staff and the girls as they leave I pray that they all develop deeper relationships with the Lord.
    Best Hope’s Katie

  6. Loie Conrad

    Praying for the girls to gain more and more confidence in themselves. Praying that the girls and their leaders build a strong bond with each other. God Bless you all.

  7. Loie Conrad

    Wow! Looks like a fun time at camp. You Conquered the wall and now learning to care for the horses. Praying for all the girls, leaders and staff to continue to learn to work together while building companionship, trust and confidence in themselves and each other.


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