Day 1 Comes to a Close

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Our first day was AMAZING! The girls are really connecting and beginning to support each other already.

It was powerful to see all the parents of the teenagers placing their hands on their daughters as we prayed for complete transformation this week.  Some of the girls were in tears while others nerves and emotions were high with anticipation of the unknown.

The van ride was quiet at first, however after about 30 minutes the girls began to talk….then smile….then laugh.  When we arrived at the Ranch, the girls were already beginning to build a bond.

Dinner was great!! We had chicken tacos with chips and salsa.  After dinner, the girls hiked over the the climbing wall.

At first, the wall is intimidating at 60 feet high.  However, after a few girls began to climb, everyone took their turn challenging themselves to overcome their fears.  They were supporting each other and setting personal goals to get higher each time they tried.  It was so great to hear the cheers as each girl finally reached the top and rang the bell to signal their amazing accomplishment!

Our Youth Leader, Michelle, did a great job processing with the group around the climbing wall.  Many of them brought up examples where they saw each other stepping out of their comfort zone and supporting others on the wall. Stacie was able to get higher on the wall than she did last year.  Sophia reached the top of every wall. Amelia mentioned how Hailey was very supportive of her when she was on the wall.  Jenna made a great comment about Samantha getting out of her comfort zone and reaching the top.  Great Job Girls! As our Junior Leader, Janelly is already building relationships and stepping up as a leader.

We finished the day around the camp fire teaching the girls about their bibles and how to navigate God’s word.  The girls learned that God speaks to them through their bibles, prayer, their leaders, and through the experiences they will have this week.

Please pray for the leaders as they are trying to see where they can best impact these young girls.  They are trying to connect and break down any walls.  Pray for strength and courage.

As I sit here thinking through the day.  I am humbled to be part of this experience.


  1. Gretchen

    Praying for these girls on this Father’s Day that they would trust and believe in our Heavenly Father’s deep sweet love for them! May they feel loved and cherished by the Father who carefully holds their hearts in His mighty hands!

  2. Peter Winiarski

    Heavenly Father, May the love of Christ show through each of the staff members and may that love penetrate the hearts and lives of the girls. Embrace them in that love, Father, and may the staff have the wisdom, discernment and power of the Holy Spirit as they work with the girls and their families. Change hearts and lives, Father, as only you can.


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