Evidence of His Beautiful and Balanced Creation

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Day 2 has provided multiple opportunities to see evidence of our amazing GOD at work.  The girls woke up early and ready to take on the day! We started with morning devotions, discussing questions like, Who is GOD?  How do we know HE exists?  How do we communicate with GOD?  We also had a chance to attend worship at the Cranhill Chapel in the Pines.

During a quick stop at the stonehouse, the girls made affirmation bags…each girl has their own bag with their name on it.  At any point during the week, anyone can write a positive message to another person to encourage them!

After lunch the girls participated in a team building activity where they were able to grow their communication skills.  Amelia, Jenna, and Hailey stepped up in leadership.  All the girls worked together to complete the goal.  Although they struggled to balance the board, the team persevered.

Our most exciting part of the day was meeting the horses.  They groomed, saddled and had their riding evaluations.  It was fun to see each of the girls light up as they worked with their horses.

Archery Tag was a hit…except for Patrick targeting all the other staff members and Jenna :).  The girls worked in “dodge ball” fashion take out their opponents.  After several shots taken, one team prevailed…Michelle’s team.

After points were assigned, we traveled to Culver’s for some ice-cream treat.  Everyone enjoyed extra toppings.  We are looking  forward to another eventful day tomorrow.

Pray that the girls continue to grow in their faith as they continue to see evidence of our Loving God all around them.

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  1. Drea Garcia

    Thank you so much for sharing Michelle!! You are such a blessing to everyone, and we are incredibly grateful to have you there leading these girls ♥️ Continued prayers and lots of love!


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