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Little by little we can see growth in leadership and communication. In many activities we are seeing Marissa take charge and put in a lot of input that Is helping the group out immensely. Also we have challenged her to everydsy leave more toys back at the house as we go throughout our day and we have seen her take a lot if initiative and push herself to achieve that goal.

Stacie has really made a lot of progress from last year in many ways. We have seen her gain better strategies to cope with her anger in certain situations. With that she is able to make the most out of every activity. We have also seen a caring side come out of stacie where she is making it a priority to help someone everyday.

Jenna’s leadership abilities are becoming stronger and stronger and we have been able to see her joy when contributing to the group. Even on rough days we have seen a vast amount of maturity in jenna no matter if it is accepting responsibility ability or in her relationships with the other girls.

Addyson has taken every opportunity to grow and learn and used them to do just that. She has been all in everyday and that energy and willingness to try has really rubbed off on everyone to do this Same.

Sam has a brilliant mind and a great humor. We have really pushed her to use those things to contribute to the group. Everyday we have seen progress in that. She has thrived in our entrepreneurship activities and just needs to continue to work on the confidence in herself.

Sofie has a sense of joy and humor that no one can take away from her. Every day she brings that energy and is excited for every event. With that excitement we have seen some lack of focus but by challenging her we have seen her working towards those goals. In horses riding and other activities she is completely locked in and is striving to do her best.

Amelia has been an eager leader since she got to camp. She shared that she was nervous to come, but now that she is here she feels she has been able to make friends and feel comfortable. During group activities she shows her passion to offer her input and ideas to others. She works hard to accomplish the goal that’s been given and be successful. Amelia has also been able to lead in her faith and share about how God has impacted her life. Amelia’s personal goal is to be more independent.

Sabria has let her personality show and shine during our time at camp. She has opened up and shown others who she is and developed relationships with the other girls. Sabria takes on new challenges eagerly and gives it her full effort. She has pushed herself in her faith and volunteered to pray even when she felt unsure of how. Sabria is working to communicate and interact more and stay focused.

Hailey has been a leader to the rest of the group. She has been supportive and willing to help others when they need it. Hailey has been showing her kind and caring nature to those around her and interacting with new girls and making relationships. Hailey’s goal is to continue to open up and interact with girls and allow herself to trust them.

Kabita came to camp without really knowing what to expect. She shared that she was nervous to come and it can hard to open up to others. Kabita has pushed herself to step outside of her comfort zone and interact with all the other girls. She has let her personality show and shared her thoughts and ideas with groups. She had also given her full and eager participation in every activity. She has been a great leader to the others girls by doing the right thing. Kabita’s personal goal is to continue to open up and interact with everyone.

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  1. Amy Dempsey

    Addyson, I am so incredibly proud of you!!! Keep up the great work! Love – Mom


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