Day 4 Update

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Morning devotions focused on how God created a masterpiece in each of us. He created us in his image and therefore we were made to be like him. Knowing this, to criticize ourselves means that we are criticizing the Lord’s work.

During riding lessons the girls learned how to better control their horses and lead them.

After coming back from the horses we adventured to a new planet as the girls did a lot of entrepreneur activities with a creative mindset. Using a list of 5 materials, each group problem solved through large chasms in Mars and meteoroid showers  to see which group could use their items in the most creative and realistic ways while interacting with their group.

Lunch was great and gave us enough energy to get back to the saddles and learn more on our horses. Each girl was given the opportunity to learn to take the next step in their horses and trot. Every girl with huge smiles on their faces trotted around the arena and owned their moments to shine. While one group was on the horses the other group was learning about the value of trust with horses but more importantly the truth that God speaks into our lives. One of the equine directors, Jillian, brought a horse in the round pen and showed the staff and the girls how she builds trust as a trainer with the horses. She used the analogy that we are the horses and the trainer is God and everything that she did showed the actions and truths that Allows the horses to know she is consistent and won’t leave and how this is the same with God. The more trust that we build the closer we are to mirroring the footsteps and actions of Christ.

After standing and riding in the hot sun for a few hours we got on our suits and went to the river to tube. We had a blast in the freezing cold water laughing and splashing with each other.

We got back and ate some dinner and headed towards the lake to start and fire and talk. Pat stood in front of the girls and shared his testimony. All the girls were locked in and loved hearing about the transformation that God has done in his life. After many great questions from a lot of the girls we were able to reach a deeper level and communicate well.

As we continue our adventure tomorrow continue to pray and love in these girls as they are loving this experience and loving themselves through this moment. Thank you for the support we feel the love.


  1. Connie Pifer

    Hello to all of you campers!! I have been praying daily for all of you and I’m so proud of all of your accomplishments!!! Someone please tell Hailey that her mom finally figured out how to get to the blog site!!! I had only seen the fb posts until tonight!!! Tell her I love and miss her too!!!!

  2. Naomi Nyboer

    What a busy couple of days you all have had! Glad the sun has been shining and you have had some amazing experiences! The lessons you are learning from riding the horses to all the team building exercises to fun relaxing time in the water sound so great. Its awesome to learn to lean on God through all things! He is always there, the bible says He will never leave us. What an awesome promise. I am continuing to pray for you all as you get ready for your hiking.

  3. Loie Conrad

    I’ll be praying for the girls and the leaders as the head out on their hiking trip. Praying for the girls trust in God and Their leaders. Praying The word of God will flow thru the leaders to the girls. Enjoy your hiking trip and see all the beauty that God created.



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