Day 5

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Day 5 of the journey truly revealed the growth in each of the girls. It is very evident that The girls have developed strong relationships with one another. But most importantly, their relationship with Christ has thrived. Their ability to acknowledge Gods presence throughout the day is inspiring.

Just as every other day, the girls started their morning with super great attitudes. The sound of Laughter and joy fills the Stone House each and every morning.

Devotions covered verses Psalm 139.1-4 which lead to very in depth conversations about how God knows everything about us. And that he accepts us completely.

After breakfast, the girls hopped on the horses for some more riding lessons to prepare for the trail ride. They also rode a smaller horse, and worked as a team to get him through a maze. The girls did an amazing job at motivating one another and improving their communication skills.

The girls enjoyed an entrepreneurship activity after lunch which challenged them to communicate their vision effectively. This intailed giving spefic directions to a partner in order to replicate a picture they designed.

The girls designed masks to interpret what side of themselves they keep hidden and the side they show to the world. This gave the girls a chance to identify the invisible masks that hide what try defines them, while also referring back to this mornings deviations. And hopefully encouraged them to let go of some of their masks this week and realize that God created them perfectly in his image.

And last but not least, as the Junior Leader my favorite part of the trip so far was The trail ride on the horses. (Aside from receiving so much LOVE from the girls!!) We have trained all week for this day, and it was heart warming to see the joy in their faces as they made their way through the trail. The horses truly united the group, in a way that brought out the best in each of them. The relationships they built with their horses showed that they all have such huge hearts. And the lessons they teach me about the importance of faith is something I will hold with me forever. We’re all very thankful for the barn staff that made this journey so memorable. Thank you for all of the prayers. Thank you for all of the support. And Thank you Cran-Hill !!! For the amazing experiences that taught the girl such valuable lessons. Manistee Trail here we come!!!

~With love,  Janelly


  1. Loie Conrad

    So happy to hear all the girls are bonding with each other and their trust in God. Praying God will be with you all on your trail ride. I bet it was amazing to take time on your ride to notice Gods blessings along the way. Continued prayers for the girls, leaders and Cran hill. My prayer is that the girls have gain self confidence and to trust in the Lord at all times.

    God Bless you all. Loie

  2. Karla Mingerink

    So proud of you Janelly, ( ma)
    I’m happy God choose you is a youth leader and let you meet all this wonderful girls.
    I’m also so thankful God have this good people coming to your life.

    I love you 💕 so much!

    Tia Karla


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