We Made It!

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This is a quick post to let you know we made it!  We’ll make another post tomorrow with more detail of the days activities.

We arrived safely at Cran-Hill and kicked off the week with rules and expectations. Each of the girls were given a journal and some directions followed by an introduction of their new bibles.  Each of the girls has been challenged to begin identifying their personal goal to be worked on this week and then over the next 12 months when they get home from camp. We spent the evening at the climbing wall where the girls challenged and push themselves out of their comfort zones. The girls came together as a team and encouraged and supported each other.

Please pray the girls come together as a team and their individual barriers come down so they can grow this week.

We have terrible internet connection and could not do our Facebook live today. We also cannot upload photos here right now for some reason. Maybe tomorrow. But we are able and will post photos to the Facebook page. Please pray our internet connection improves so we can give you more updates throughout the week.

Thanks for all the prayers this week! We will need them!

Rules & Expectations

Bible Journaling with Taylor

Climbing Wall



  1. Wade Zeilenga

    Hope you ladies had a great day today! It rained hard here in the Grand Rapids area and I thought of you– hope you either stayed dry OR enjoyed the thunder and lightening like I did. 🙂

    Way to go warrior ladies!
    Remembrance Ranch counselor

  2. Alicia DeBoer

    Hope you girls are enjoying the horses so far! I can’t wait to see more pictures! Love you Gracen and thinking of you!
    -Mom 😊

    • Gracen

      Love you mom I’m doing pretty good miss you can’t wait to se you I love you so so much

  3. Scot Rich

    Great job ladies. Continue to follow Jesus and trust in him always. It’s truly amazing what you can do when your never alone. Have a blessed night!!!


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