Today We Chose JOY

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Today we dove into Ephesians 3:15 and finished with reviewing our SOAP acronym our devotionals (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer). We were able to have church outside today, despite the rain just earlier the sun peeked through!

After lunch we had each girl pick a word for their handmade bracelets. For the word they chose, we had them journal why they chose that specific word.  This year we’ve have been focusing on journaling!

Around 2:30 we headed to the barn for orientation and a chance to hop on the horses for the first time! The girls were introduced to the horses today and completed their riding assessments. We are excited to see each of these girls develop their riding skills over the course of this week.

We had the opportunity to have our first HOT SEAT session where we discussed our strengths and areas for growth. Despite it being the first day, we’ve seen so much growth in these girls!



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