Trotting into New Beginnings

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This morning we dove into Romans for our devotionals and gained insight into how we view God.

At the barn the girls learned to trot, 2 point, and post while riding. 2 point  is a position used when going over an obstacle, and posting is to rise out of the saddle seat while trotting, which makes it much more comfortable for you and your horse while riding. While half of the girls were riding, the other half learned how to bathe a horse, starting at the legs and moving up the body.

Before lunch we did an entrepreneurial activity involving what items each girl would bring to the desert in order of importance…they were so creative! Swimming and archery made the schedule after lunch, and each girl learned the ropes on how to hit the target.

Round 2 of HOT SEAT and journal time were completed tonight, and we ended with another round of swimming. The girls absolutely LOVE the lake!


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