Manistee.. here we come!

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Ranch News | 0 comments

Day 4 at the Ranch was filled with laughs and smiles; each activity throughout the day provided the group with different opportunities to strengthen their relationships with one another. The morning began with our daily devotional, we focused on Psalm 139:1-4 and discussed how God knows each and everyone of us, our best and worst characteristics, and loves us more than anyone else.

After lunch we headed back to the Stone House to begin our mask activity. We sat outside and enjoyed the fresh breeze as we decorated our individual masks- representing the character traits we allow the world to see and the character traits that we hide from the public. This activity provided the girls with the opportunity to get to know themselves on a deeper level,  and bring awareness not only to the masks we often wear but also the authentic beauty that is behind them.

After some fun in the Lake, we headed to the barn and began our trail ride. The trail ride consisted of many laughs, amazing views, and the chance to finally enjoy the horses as a complete group.   Dinner was followed by our daily Hot-Seat discussion, covering the progress that each girl has been made and the areas of growth that we will continue to work on. We enjoyed a warm fire outside the Stone House, and shared words of affirmation with one another before heading off to bed – this truly united the group in such a beautiful way and prepared them for the long day ahead.

Though our time at Cranhill is coming to the end, the memories will definitely live on forever.  We have seen God at work each and every day, and it is incredible to think about all of the great things that have occurred while on the trip so far. Our hike along the Manistee River will begin tomorrow, and we are eager for all of the blessings that are yet to come!


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