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Wow!  We have seen GOD at work throughout this week.  It has truly been incredible to see evidence of HIM in all that we have done.

Our final day of hiking, we woke up and accomplished our morning tasks quickly, ready to hit the trail.  We were excited to complete our last leg of the trail and rest.  I could see the motivation in the girls to complete our hike.  Unfortunately, that motivation  began to disipate when we got a bit off track.  Somehow, we took a wrong turn and circled back, making what was supposed to be a quick hike, much longer.  As the lead hiker, I was so frustrated with myself.  I was the one that led us off track.  Our girls were tired and feeling weak.  I felt responsible for being the one to take us off track.  At that point, fatigue set in, emotions were high, and our motivation had faded.  We stopped, circled up, and prayed for strength.  It is in times of weakness that we are forced to rely ONLY on HIM.  We continued our hike in quiet, putting one foot in front of the other.  Although it was hard, we FINISHED the hike, some of us in tears.  Our feet were tired, our backs hurt, and our spirits were low. We were then reminded that it is the sacrifice and hardship that makes this hike sacred.  NOTHING happens by accident.  Our AMAZING GOD knew that the “alternate” path we took was needed for our girls.  Getting to the end of the trail was such a relief.

The girls often carry heavy burdens on their back EVERY day.  This is exactly what the heavy backpacks represented.  Taking those packs off at the end was such a relief.  We discussed that we don’t have to carry those burdens everyday.  Our GOD is willing and ready to carry the weight if we invite him in.

After resting, eating lunch, and setting up camp, we headed to the river for some fun.  The girls searched for Petoskey stones and swam in the river.  Some even jumped off the rope swing.  It was much needed down time.

Next, we provided solo time.  The girls took time to pray, journal,  and think about their personal testimonies.  Those that wanted to, shared their stories with the group.   It was incredible to see how GOD used each of their stories to speak into the lives of their peers.

After eating gourmet burgers and hotdogs prepared by our amazing Logistics Driver, we listened to a story by Patrick.  This led to salvation night.   Wow!  ALL our girls raised their hands to recommit or decide for the first time to invite Jesus into their hearts as the “driver” of their lives.

We ended the night with a camp fire and Janelly, our Junior Leader, sharing her testimony.  The girls (and staff) were moved by her life story.

This trip has been life changing for each and every one of us.  GOD has been at work for sure.  We give thanks that we were chosen to be a part of the 2020 W.A.R. Program.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support.





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