We made it! And their off…

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The girls made it to the  manistee River Trail and are currently on day two which is the longest leg of the trip.   Yesterday was a roller coaster of emotion as the girls embarked on a journey not many can say they have taken.   The hills are high, the trail is long, and the packs are heavy. But the girls accomplished the task at hand! They completed the first leg and we’re excited to arrive at our first campsite where they sent camp. After setting camp the girls collected firewood and set up in their cook Groups  to make a yummy spaghetti dinner. Some of the girls venture down to the river to put their feet in while others relaxed around the fire. The campsite was filled with giggles and smiles as the girls reflected on the first part of their hike.

Today the girls will hike to the waterfall site which is filled with more than one waterfall and an amazing swimming area. This is usually our toughest day so we ask for prayer and strength for the girls. We do not have good connection to the Internet so please be patient as we try to post as much as we can.  We cannot currently upload pictures to this blog so please watch our Facebook for pictures and videos. Continue to share comment and encourage these girls as we will be reading them their blog posts tonight.


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