The Great Day

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Ranch News | 1 comment

Today was a great day.

It started out with a good breakfast of french toast, and then we went to horses. Some continued their ridings skills while others watched the training in the “round pen.”  We learned that there is a lot that we have in common with horses. Like we need to overcome our fears, and we need to learn to trust the handler (who is God).

Before lunch we practiced creative thinking with a fun group entrepreneur activity.

After lunch we enjoyed some swim time– though we gave our best effort to sink the swim raft, we were not able to!  Maybe tomorrow!

We did zip line next and almost everyone got on it.

Then we learned to throw tomahawks, which is harder than it looks! But many of us got used to it and are quite good.

We ended the afternoon with dinner, then a testimony from Wade.  While Patrick set the movie up, the boys set their mattresses to slide down the stairs 🙂 The Popcorn and movie were good and we enjoyed being together as one.

Overall, the boys grew a lot closer to one another and God.

  • Nolan

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  1. Janice Payne

    What an amazing adventure. I am loving seeing these each morning. I love the connections being made and how God is working in each young man.
    Thank you for sharing.


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