Adventure Awaits Us

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Ranch News | 3 comments

Hey everyone, it’s Patrick Jr… or Patty!

We woke up this morning and began with a devotional about wearing masks. No, not masks we are wearing for COVID-19… but the masks we cover our in most thoughts and feelings. You see, sometimes we go through our everyday lives looking and acting like we have everything together, but that’s not the truth. The truth is, sometimes we hurt, sometimes we are broken, sometimes we need prayer. However, we serve a God who in knowing everything about us, still loves us endlessly. That’s all that matters!

After a morning session with the horses, we completed our last entrepreneurial activity, where one of the boys excelled and took home the win… Kyren stepped up and showed the true leader inside him! The rest of the boys also stepped up, and did an amazing job.

At meal time, one of the boys was missing home, and sat away from the other boys. Austin took it upon himself to go talk to the boy and invited him back to the group. These are just a few examples of exactly what we want to see just before we leave for the trail. Coming together as a team, looking out for each other.

The afternoon was spent on a trail ride to complete our time with the horses. It is always sad to say goodbye, each of the boys makes such a special connection with their horse that could never be forgotten.

The end of the day was also full of fun things such as archery tag, swimming, and lots and lots of laughs!

As the sun goes down on our final day at Cran Hill, we prepare our hearts and minds for the journey ahead of us. Tomorrow  we will embark on our eleven mile backpacking trip on the Manistee River Trail. Let me tell you.. the boys are ready. This is no easy hike, there are many ups and downs. In a way though, that is just like our faith, ups and downs. How to we get through those ups and downs, with God on our side. Please be in prayer for safety and strength for not only the boys but the staff as well. Please also note that we may not have good connection, but will be posting when we can!



  1. Elijah's mom

    Thanks Patty. I know that God is with you all

  2. Marcia Sportell

    Great job Kyren! Love your challenge showing your masterful abilities!

  3. Julie M Cadman

    I’m so proud of you Ry!! Love you!!!
    Love, Mom


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