Knowing the Plan

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Ranch News | 2 comments

Today was a great experiment for the boys to learn how they and their horse respond to not knowing the plan. The boys paired up while Cranhill staff set up an obstacle course for them to move through. Once paired up, the boys had to wear a bridal and close their eyes and lead each other around the arena. It was mostly confusion while the “horse” and the rider discovered when the rider is not confident in their plan the horse is unsure what to do. I found it to be a great lesson in walking by faith. How often to we think we have a plan but God may have a different idea.

The “horse” had to move through this course with their eyes closed and rely on the rider turning him and guiding him safely thorough the course. Once completed all the boys agreed when they were the horse they felt totally unsure of what the rider was doing and had to trust him.

This was a great teaching moment on how to lean and trust Gods plan for our lives as he guides us through our own obstacle course. We need to rely on his Grace and faithfulness that he will take us through all our struggles to restore us and give us a better fulfillment than we can ever dream.


  1. Richard Heath

    Hey boys hope, and pray you are having a great time. A special shout out to a special person Alex. It sounds like you all are doing some very awesome activities. We are praying for all of you especially you Alex too seek God in each day.

    Rick and Jan Heath

  2. Barb VanderVeen

    Praying for y’all to have a blessed time of fun and that you learn more about yourself and how special you are to Daddy God!


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