One Last Ride

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Ranch News | 5 comments

Wow what a night. About 10pm last night a storm rolled through. Knocking out our power and giving the boys quite a scare. It actually was a great experience. The group pulled together and encouraged each other saying there was really nothing to be afraid of. It was a great display to see how these strangers have pulled together to encourage each other literally in the midst of a storm. Of course in the morning we found out we were hooked to a generator but no-one flipped the switch. Either way it was a good bonding experience for the guys. How often do we find ourselves in the middle of a situation thinking it is much worse than it really is? These guys have really pulled together as a group during our time here at Cranhill. A great lesson in how God has created us to do life in community so we are never alone while we are going through a storm in our life.

Today during our entrepreneurial exercises the group had to solve the mission to mars scenario. The groups were judged based on how well the team The groups were judged based on how well the team communicated, problem solved, used their creative solutions and wild imagination while trying to sell it to the judge. They really had to pull together to work under pressure. They were pushed to use their creative skills while staying resourceful with limited items. Some of the explanations were quite entertaining. Some of the boys have a great skill for listening to their group and then implementing their ideas. I doubt anyone of us would have survived the mission but it was great to see them work with purpose while keeping their creative sense of humor while trying to sell their idea to the judges.

Important note: today at lunch a few of the boys noticed one of the Cranhill staff sitting alone and invited him to join them for lunch. It was a great moment watching these guys serve someone who was alone and include them in their group.

To close our day we took our group trail ride. It was a great opportunity for the boys to showcase the new skills they have been learning over the course of the last few days. The ride was a peaceful end to an exciting few days at Cranhill of building a trusting relationship with their horse. After the ride, there was even a few tears shed. It was great to see the display of emotion. The boys got their pictures taken with their horses and the Cranhill staff handed out trading cards with their horses pictures and information on them. A nice touch stone of the relationship and work they put in this week.

Tomorrow we are going to be met by our Weekend Warriors and we will be heading off to the Manistee trail. Some of the boys are welcoming the challenge, others, we feel, are quite anxious. Yet here they grow. Keep the prayers coming. This group will need to stick together and continue to encourage and push each other for the next few days.


  1. Richard Heath

    Alex we pray that the power is restored today for all. We pray that you, the boys and all the councillors will have an amazing day. Enjoy your walk with God today, and every day, and enjoy this time of your life.

    Rick and Jan Heath

  2. Phyllis Steffen

    Hi Max
    Keeping you in our prayers as you have your final time with the horses and move on to the Trail. May God continue to undertake for you as you walk the trail. Have a wonderful time with your friends and know that many are praying for you. God bless.

    • Richard Heath

      Hi Alex and all you great young men. We hope and pray you are having a great time hiking in God’s country. Enjoy this time together in nature. Blessings too all Rick and Jan Heath.

  3. Pamela

    Good morning Leah rise-shine 🌞 Hope you have an amazing 👏 day! I can’t wait to see you adventure today. We all Love you whole bunches..

  4. Amy Modderman

    Anta I hope you have felt the peace of God in this journey. All the exciting things you have accomplished must bring you a sense of accomplishment. I continue to pray for you! Have a great time on the trail!


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