Challenge Course

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Today the group took their skills to a whole new level…literally!  and that level was about 40 feet in the air!!!  The challenge course offered a different challenge for each individual.  J.B. challenged himself to complete every obstacle, while A.D. just wanted to make it to the top of the ladder.  J.O.’s goal was to get on the lower of the two courses.  M.T. challenged himself at every obstacle, from crossing them backwards to hanging upside down!  K.D.’s greatest challenge was the “step-off” at the end where he had to put his trust in Cole (Eagle Village Leader) to hold him as he stepped off a platform and dropped slowly to the ground.  L.Q. crossed the shaking pole without using his hands!  Almost impossible! 

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  1. Karen

    YEA AD for climbing to the top of the ladder. For someone who is afraid of heights I am so proud of YOU! I am so excited to hear all about your adventures. Will see you tomorrow. Love & hugs from all~ We miss you a LOT!


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