Making the Change Last

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Camp is drawing to a close. The boys have learned, grown and changed. BIG things have happened due to our BIG GOD. Right now, these changes are easy. The environment that the boys are living in at camp is safe from negative pressures, is structured to challenge them in safe environment, and have given them plenty of opportunity for self reflection. Things will change when they come home. They will have distractions. They will want to go out with friends. The boys will want to play video games, check out Facebook, and talk on cell phones.

In an attempt to help the amazing changes in the boys remain for years to come, I thought of a few helpful tips for parents/guardians to utilize at home:

1. Allow for personal space. Ask the boys if they need a break when they are angry. Don’t be mad or critical. Young men do not have the developmental skills to cope with their anger the way adults do. They blow up, they say mean things, they rebel. (we saw a lot of arguing at camp when we asked them to complete something!) If the boys begin to argue, ask them what they do not understand, and discuss it. Don’t be sarcastic. Don’t have a mean tone. Think of it as a learning experience for your child to communicate with respect and love.

2. Do not talk badly about your child in front of them or to others. Kids are sponges, they hear everything. During several conversations this week, the boys have confessed to having hurt feelings when their parents/guardians complained about them. We all know that adults need to have support from others. Please be careful when discussing the negative aspects or behaviors of your children. Focus on the strengths of your children, there are a TON!

3. Boundaries and expectations need to be clear. Set the family rules, and follow through with consequences without anger. Consequences should irritate, sting or bug children. If they wont clean up their toys, hold them in a box and make them do chores to get them back. If they don’t do homework, take away the game controllers. Consequences should not create more work for the parent/guardian. Also, keep consequences reasonable in duration. If you ground a child for a week, chances are that past day one…they don’t remember or care what they were grounded for. Take away privileges for the day, and start with a clean slate in the morning. It will be refreshing start for a new day….leaving everyone happy.

4. PLEASE encourage the spiritual growth that your child has experiences this week. Read the Bible with them. Go to church each week and encourage them to go to youth groups. Memorize scripture. With God, all things are possible. God changes our hearts, thoughts, actions. Without Him…there is no change. I challenge each of you to scrutinize your relationship with our Savior. A Godly home produces Godly children. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, above all else, make this a priority. The Remembrance Ranch staff are here for you if you have questions about your Salvation. Let us know if you need any help, have questions, need a mentor or a church!!

I cannot express how amazing this week has been. These young men are such a blessing!! Thank you so much for sharing your family with me and the rest of the Remembrance Ranch staff this week. I pray for each of you, the boys, and your families in the days to come that the changes that have been made continue. Be blessed!



  1. lita

    So looking forward to having LQ home!….I want to thank you all for everything that you have given of yourselfs to be there for my son as well as the others! God is good and he is truely with us! I look forward to starting anew with my son and using the skills that he has learned from you to be a part of our life as we move forward. Once again Thank You!…Have a safe trip home!

  2. Karen

    Thank YOU all so much for what you have done for these 6 young men. You have changed their lives forever, and they will never forget this wonderful experience. I have truly enjoyed this wonderful blog and loved seeing and hearing about what AD learned each day. This is what he needed and I thank you and God for coming into his life this past week. Forever thankful~his loving family

  3. Rob Terpstra

    Thanks to Jen, Kevin, Pat, Airica, the folks at Eagle Village, the people praying for the kids, and GOD almighty for this opportunity for MT. I can’t wait to see him today!!!!!!


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