One Last Post for W.A.R. 2012…

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Last night as we brought the week to a close, the boys had a blast at the archery range!  We set up apples on the targets to shoot at and both K.R., L.Q., & J.O. shot an apple!  They were so proud! 

We completed the night with a discussion about some of the old habits the boys had before coming to camp.  We challenged the boys to leave those old habits at camp.  To symbolize the plan to leave the old habits at camp, we had the boys choose one habit they wanted to leave at camp and asked them to carve that habit into a block of wood.  L.Q. chose “Disrespect.”  J.O. carved “Laziness.”  K.R.’s habit was “Anger.”  M.T. was “Not Listening the 1st Time.”  J.B. was “Not Listening.”  A.D. was “Not Trusting.”  After they all completed carving their habit into the wood block, we discussed and placed the wood block into the fire and watched it burn away to nothing.  Our prayer is that the old habits will be gone, just like the wood block is gone.   


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  1. Mitch Barr

    Pat and All:
    Praise God for what sounds like an awesome first experience for RR. May the Lord bless you guys and future efforts going forward. Pat, it must be tremendously gratifying to see your dream the Lord gave you begin to be realized. To HIM be the glory!


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