2013 Wilderness Adventure Ranch

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Greetings!!!  My name is Patrick and I am the director at Remembrance Ranch.   As agents of change in the lives of young people and their families, Remembrance Ranch is a first option or may be a last resort for young people from varied circumstances experiencing personal challenges.  Remembrance Ranch provides programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and families.  Our unique approach with experiential learning, spiritual enrichment and outstanding counseling helps Remembrance Ranch reach young people who have been, in many cases, unreachable and families who are desperate for help.  We meet them “where they are” to build trust.  While it is not always an easy transition to personal responsibility and growth, our counseling staff develops an individualized plan for each young person resulting in rapid change and improvement.

The Remembrance Ranch experience will be effective to the degree that everyone is involved—parents/guardians, teens, prayer partners, bloggers, and the Ranch staff—as non-judgmental and caring human beings. When the family leaves The Ranch to return home, everyone involved will know the power of God through emotional honesty and forgiveness, and they will be able to maintain it or, if necessary, regain it, provided they are willing. 

I personally grew up with a troubled childhood filled with drugs, alcohol, abuse, and neglect.  I quickly turned to the streets and became involved with a local gang to find the acceptance & love I was desperately seeking.  Through the power of Jesus Christ, I was able to turn things around and like many other Ranch volunteers, now feel led to give back.  My own personal success story is really the success story of everyone who genuinely loved me and helped me grow; camp counselors, teachers, and other mentors.  God had a plan for me to become loved, to learn emotional honesty and forgiveness.   Now, God has a plan for each teenager involved in our program this summer.  During these difficult times when our nation is faced with such overwhelming challenges, I am both humbled and proud God is using this ministry to make disciples for His kingdom.

Remembrance Ranch has become a journey that we would like to continue to take together. At this time, it’s vital that you support this vision for the future. Your interest and participation in this blog and the programs at The Ranch, has never been more critical.

As you participate in this blog, please post as you feel led.  Begin praying for each teenager and their family today as God prepares their hearts for a powerful life transformation!  Post your thoughts and prayers…let the families know you genuinely care and are lifting them up daily in prayer.  These prayers and posts will be important to each teen.  They will be read to the teens and families daily by our Ranch staff.  Beginning August 11 – 18th, log on to this blog every day, read about the successes and the struggles each teen faces daily…become a cheerleader for them…they will need it!  We do keep our teens faces and names confidential, so you will see them pictured from behind or from the side, and their names will be listed as letters.  While you may not have an actual name or face, God knows who they are and will connect your prayers with those teens.  Thank you again for becoming a part of the Ranch experience!  We look forward to another God-inspired year!!!

God Bless!


  1. Joan

    We will begin to pray for all. Can’t wait to see the gifts
    God will give this year!

  2. Joan

    Just wanted you to know that have been praying for you and your family! I will be lifting you up in prayer every day you are at camp. I will follow you daily so I know what I can pray for and then I know God will give you what you need.

  3. Joan

    Today remember that God knows all about the secrets you think are unknown. He loves you just as you are, unconditionally. Give your fears and anger over to Him and HE will protect you all.

  4. Joan

    You might be into the wilderness part of the trip! Bet you are really tired now but hope you are enjoying it too. Grab God’s hand and HE will lift you up with HIM. Continue to pray each day for you, hope you are praying for you too.


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