One more day and its off to the wilderness!

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I just wanted to say that I’m so excited to see what God has planned for this years war. The boys may not know it yet, but they have a calling and a purpose in this life, and it is our job to give them the tools that will help them find it. I will admit that I am excited, but also a little nervous just like last year. I want everything to go perfect and smooth, but I know that’s not always how God operates. None the leas, I pledge to give my all for the boys and adapt to whatever circumstances I have to in order to help them meet God and find their true worth. 
Can’t wait to make some new friends and have the chance to see them grow into their full potential. You guys have a lot to offer this world and I want you to know if you are reading this that you are unique, and no one else be what God created you to be. Can’t wait to meet you and will not stop praying for you… Ever. 
Kevin VL


  1. Arica

    Whatever will come our way
    Through fire and pouring rain
    We won’t be shaken
    Whatever tomorrow brings
    TOGETHER we’ll rise and sing

    I am praying for the families and staff.. Be strong and know that GOD is powerful! Whatever the next week brings, stay the course and never give up.

  2. Stephanie

    Hello there NK,
    I just wanted to encourage you as you start this adventure to be willing to do whatever it takes to triumph over the challenges that you will face at camp. I have been praying for you for many weeks now, and will continue to pray for you over the course of the week! God bless you!!

  3. arica

    AR: praying for you and your family. So excited to hear what God has in store for you this week!

  4. NK MOM

    Thank you for doing that for my NK. It was more hard for me let him leave and me say goodbye. I came home and cried πŸ™ again thanks for lifting my son with prayer

  5. Stephanie

    It is my great privilege to be lifting NK up in prayer, I am so happy to be a part of this adventure in his life and yours too. Know that he is going to be well taken care of and he will have a great time! May God bless you and your family!!
    To NK, hope you are having a great Monday!! Keep strong and persevere, you can do it!! God bless you and keep you!! I am praying for you!!

  6. Don Drooger

    SQ, I pray for you a life of spiritual maturity and an understanding of the wealth that you possess only and because of Jesus Christ. I pray that you might walk in joy and live in hope, that you are blessed with the God-given gifts important to a useful life, such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and self-control, and that you might find useful service becoming and being a friend to all in need . . . I pray for your safety on the road that you travel in life, to have smooth spots and rough spots, and I pray that always and forever you have both family to walk beside you and many friends nearby, but more than anything I pray that you both understand and sense and know the companionship of our Father God and His Son, Jesus Christ, as a constant and ever-abiding friend to walk with you each and every day, and every step, and always . . . You continue in my thoughts and prayers, many times each day . . .

    I pray for you in your physical maturity, that you use your strength and stamina and speed to help another and to never hurt a weaker brother, that you work with diligence and play with honor and walk with humility and grace, and that your life might be a living testimony to the power of God that you have embraced with your whole heart and being and soul . . .

    I pray for you in your mental maturing, that your mind might develop with great strength and wisdom and understanding, both of yourself, and of all others – and those times you do not understand yourself, that you ask another, and those times you don’t understand another you accept them with patience and compassion, knowing that they are who they are, just as you are as you are – all different, yet all special and unique before God . . .

    I pray for you in your intellectual lifetime growth, that you might seek after knowledge and desire wisdom, that you might read with enjoyment and learn from your teachers, that the music you listen to might be uplifting, and the television or movies that you see might only be of the best kind . . .

    I pray for you friendships that lift you up where angels dwell and bless you here below where mortals live and walk, and I pray that always do they encourage you to be the best that ever you can be. I pray for your friends, that they lead you never astray but that you might guide and help them find the road that someday will lead to your Heavenly Home . . .

    This day I pray for you the opportunity of service, to help your fellow humankind, for β€˜tis most obvious that we are a desperate race needing, more than anything, a relationship with the Creator God and then among all the various parts of the human family – I think of the tensions between races, between ages, between male and female, between university educated, and those not, and so many others – I pray for you great love and compassion for all, for did not God send His Son to die for all . . .? Of course He did, we know so well . . .

  7. Stephanie

    Hello there NK, I am continuing to pray for you often this week, and hope that you feel the presence of the Lord working in your life. May God give you His peace this week, and may it stay with you always, even when you leave the Ranch. God bless you and everyone there at the Ranch today!!


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