The Time We Have Been Waiting For Is Finally Here!!!

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Tomorrow morning our teens and their families will meet us at the Ranch office to embark on a journey toward eternal transformation.  Follow along on this blog during the week to hear about the daily achievements and struggles we face as a group.  You will read about the activities at camp as well as the work happening in homes with Jenn (Our Family Social Worker).  This blog will be your opportunity to show support for the teens and families.  Every single comment you post will be read to the teens and to the families by our social workers and leaders.  We have already had a few wonderful comments!!  This is such an encouragement to the teens and families…Last summer, I specifically remember waking up each morning and the first think the teens asked for was for us to check the blog to see if anyone left them a message.  Some of these teens do not receive this kind of support, love, encouragement, etc. in their home & school environments; we use this support to teach the teens about the love of Jesus Christ.  Feel free to post for all the teens and families as you feel led.  Invite others you know to read and comment…the more comments the better!!!!  Below are the instructions for posting and reading comments.


  1. Terp

    We have been raising up the prayers for CA for more than a month and we are so excited the day is finally here today. I can’t imagine the combination of excitement and anxiety everyone is feeling. GOD is good and has blessed you all with this opportunity, we pray for your safety and enlightenment as the lord shines his light on you and guides you along the way. Our whole family and many of our friends are praying for you CA and we know this journey will help unlock blessings each day. Be strong but open to GOD and the opportunities ahead!

  2. SM

    Thank you to Pat, the board, social workers, and all the guys that are at camp this week!! You are giving these boys an opportunity that will change their lives forever! They will never forget what you have done for them! To TK, you are so blessed to have been specifically chosen by God to be at WAR this week! I am so excited to see the blessings that are poured out on you this week! I have been praying for you to have this opportunity since I met you last year, and am so excited to see what you become! You are so strong and determined, which makes it clear to see the potential you have to be a warrior for Gods kingdom!! I won’t stop praying along with so many others this week that you will be blessed and allow this camp to change your life for ever!

  3. Jerry

    I have been praying that these young men will take the opportunity this week to commit their lives to the Lord and get a fresh start on life. Our son went thru the same scenario and almost took his life a couple of times out of desperation. He now serves the Lord with all his heart and mind because other people in his life took the time and made the effort to let him know they care, and God cares. The next couple of days will be crucial and probably high tension, yet God will prevail and make life changes. Praise Him for what He is about to do, and thank you staff for what you are doing. God Bless!


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