“Witnessing Christ’s love full circle, from the community giving to the families receiving that is the true meaning of Christmas.”

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When you think of Christmas what do you think of? Presents, food, joy, trees, decorations, Christ? There are many things that come to mind, however for many and personally for me I remember times of stress, arguing, and avoiding family. For so many families there is conflict and under riding pasts that override the joy of Christmas. This year, for our Remembrance Ranch families I feel we got to bring that joy to the surface.

Our Remembrance Ranch Christmas party was Friday the 12th. For the first time in 3 years we had all of the Remembrance Ranch families attend the Christmas party. That is 8 teens AND their families. We had the room packed!!! “It was nice to see the teens having a good time with their parents and siblings.” “I was watching faces full of joy, excitement, and love. Even with the chaos of 70 people in one room it felt like Christmas with the family!” There was laughter, mingling, and joy. “I loved seeing how many families showed up…it really is a beautiful thing. The party was a great reminder that our God is great.”

While we have spoken to the boys and with our staff many times about how Satan attacks when God’s army is strong there was no way to know the attack was underway. “I saw a lot of smiles, the families had a lot of fun!” The night was so full of fun and games and good food!

I have to say I am beyond honored this year that we have been able to share Christ’s love with eight boys and their families. Witness 6 young men choose a life for Christ and upon their return 2 mothers join them in their journey and accept Christ themselves. What power our God has, what love he has shown. “I felt blessed to be a part of it.” When you think of the choice he made to send His only Son to die on a cross for our sin and take it away, a Savior to allow us to live an eternity with him and not parish as we deserve.

We are all sinners, each and every day we make choices and we sin. It’s this season and all the seasons that we need to remember the reason … God sent Jesus Christ to be our Savior. I will end my long windedness with this clip, watch the video…listen to the words, allow the power to be felt.

Merry Christmas Remembrance Ranch teens, families, staff, prayer partners, supporters, and all others in the world.

God Bless – KT


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