What a Welcome Home

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60+ people greeted our teens home tonight!!! We haven’t had a chance to post due to service and battery life. But The Lord has amazing power
I will post a longer post tomorrow but since I didn’t get to give my boys hugs tonight, mommas and daddy’s tell you boys I love them and care about them more than they will ever know!!!
I am beyond blessed to be able to spend time with each of them and honored that you all trusted me to guide and love your sons!!!

God is good ALL THE TIME & ALL THE TIMR God is good!!!







  1. Kim Dittenber

    I just told AD about this post and he got the biggest grin saying that is what you say every night Katie. : ) I trusted the whole time that this trip was where he should be but it was still such a relief to actually see and hug him today. He admitted he was homesick early on and asked for extra hugs today too. I have already heard so many amazing stories and know that in addition to the 60 plus people there to greet the teens there is a whole huge network of support and more people behind the scenes that appreciate all of you and what you do. AD brought his photo and horseshoe over to his grandma’s for dinner and everyone is just so proud of him and impressed with the whole program and all the opportunities for these boys to find true Christians embracing them and helping inspire them to improve! Couldn’t be more proud or grateful tonight with my teen home after an amazing experience.

  2. Josh K

    Congrats on a successful trip! Proud of all the boys for making it through and having a milestone in your life to look back on and say, “I did that.”

    Thankful to God for the leadership of the Ranch and their willingness to give from their life into the lives of others.

  3. Gambee

    Thank you ALL for returning my Grandson AD home safely, with great stories of leadership, caring, love for others in the camp and excitement about God and singing. We are so proud of him and know that he will treasure this experience for the rest of his life. I am so happy there are people like you in the world that can help these young men. God bless you for your work, you are incredible and will never be forgotten.


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