Day 2 Success!

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Hello everyone! Day two up at Cran-hill  consisted of some awesome meals, fun team building activities, horsemanship skills and to top it all off… archery tag and ice cream!

Once we got all the boys up, we sat down for some morning devotions. Today’s devotional focused on the boys exploring their personal concept of God and learn what God reveals to them. Later in the day we headed down to Chapel, where we learned about who we are in Christ, the sermon had an impact on each one of the boys… check out this powerful video that was shared with us: CLICK HERE

Throughout the day, the teens explored different activities used to challenge their minds both individually and as a team. At first, it was hard for them all to connect, but some of the boys really stepped up as leaders, and the others followed. Soon the boys were listening to each others ideas and easily making it through the different challenges. Since these activities we’ve had teens comforting each other when they’re homesick, working together to get things done quicker, and even cleaning the tables and floors around the mess hall!

The boys had the opportunity to spend a little bit of time getting to know the horses and the equine staff today; they met their horses and learned to groom and tack.  They had their initial riding assessment. We finished the day at the barn by helping to feed the barn animals.  They are super excited to see them tomorrow and get to ride some more!  If you don’t see someone here, check our Facebook page for more pics of the boys on horses…

We spent the evening playing archery tag and that is always a big hit with the boys!

Please continue to pray for the teens as well as the staff as they continue this journey of getting to know each other, and the Lord!


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