Cran-Hill Day 3

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Today in the stable the boys continued to learn and practice proper grooming skills, horse bathing, cleaning and feeding care.

From there the afternoon focus was on riding positions, technique and the use of various control maneuver activities which allowed the boys to gain a sense of confidence while riding on their horses.  It was fun to witness the playful interaction between them, their horses and the wranglers.  Check out our Facebook page to see a live video posted today covering the barn and arena time!

All of the boys also enjoyed spending time in the lake wrestling  and attempting to “get” us leaders.

Perhaps the most moving and meaningful activity  of the day was the first testimony shared by Patrick and the follow-up activity  which allowed the boys to an a very private matter identify in writing  choices they have made in life that they know have hurt themselves or others and came from sin, which we been burned in a fire pit at the foot of the cross symbolic of being no longer a needed struggle.  This activity helped the boys tap into some real emotions which allowed them to come together and support each other as they laid their struggles at the cross!

The food service provided to us continues to be awesome and enjoyed by all. Our evening concluded  with a quite descriptive rendition of the scary dog-man story   that left a few puzzled, inquisitive and a bit on edge. I thunderstorm end of the night which prevented any dog-man night hike, much I’m sure to the satisfaction of a few.


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