Another Great Day at the Ranch

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Hi my name is Jacob. I am the junior leader, I was a camper 3 years ago then last year I came to the advanced horsemanship camp. The ranch has made some awesome changes in my life like helping me accept God in my life and it showed me the way to the next step in my life as one of Gods children.

Today we learned how to get our horses to trust us and we learned how to post and how to do a two point on a horse.  We also watched the equine staff compete in a rodeo.  We all wore funny cowboy hats to help support our favorite wrangler.

We learned about entrepreneurs and the value in taking healthy risks. Then we had a little friendly competition to see which team  could build the tallest tower with few resources like tape and spaghetti noodles and marshmallows.

Then the wonderful chefs prepped some ham and turkey sandwiches with curly fries. Next we went and had lots of fun learning how to throw tomahawks.

Then we rushed down to get on the bus to go tubing. We all had a fun and cool adventure  seeing all the different types of animals on the river.

Then we got back and went for dinner and we had grilled chicken with potato’s and biscuits. Then we finished up the day by sitting in side by the fire while Patty shared his testimony about some of his own struggles with girls and peer pressure.  Then we hit the showers and went to bed.

Overall, it was a great day of growth for me and for the boys.  Tomorrow is our trail ride with all the staff.  I can’t wait for the hiking trail on Thursday.


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