Gracen is 12 years old.  Gracen’s birthday is December 23.  Gracen is independent and outgoing. Gracen enjoys the outdoors.  She has taken horse lessons and is trying softball this year.  Gracen spends a lot of time in the summer camping and boating with her family. 


  1. Jamie Curtis

    Gracen!!! Hey girl! Praying for you as you get ready to head out on your second RR camp week and trail. I truly look forward to hearing how your week goes and will be praying that God continues to guide you as you work towards your goals!!! Much love girl!!!

  2. Amy DeHaan

    Hi Gracen! My name is Amy and I am one of your prayer buddies (team Gracen🙏) I have been praying over you and will continue to pray and keep you in my thoughts! What an exciting opportunity to meet new friends and grow your relationship with Jesus! He has big plans for you and wants you to believe that and so do so many of us!!! I pray your heart and mind stay fixed on HIM and you feel his presence and his peace during this special time!! Armor up!!! You’ve got this 🙏❤️💪

  3. Sandy Marsman

    Hey, Gracen! I’m so excited to see you’re going to the Ranch again! Praying that God uses you in big ways this week as you’ve already experienced WAR and you’re an expert now! I know that you will be such a great leader to the other girls that are there for the first time! I can’t wait to read the blog and hear all about your experiences.


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