Day 1: A Whole New Something Special

by | Aug 7, 2021 | Ranch News | 7 comments

Today was a whole new something special.

These boys showed up at send-off with anxiety and fear of the unknown. This was all new to them. They were all reserved and quiet. However, after leaving Grand Rapids, we started to hear conversations spark up. Similar interests were found very quickly and they all started to open up. Relationships were building.

Once arriving at Cran-hill, the boys worked together to unpack the trailer and get situated in their rooms. We then reviewed expectations for the week.

Do the right thing. Respect yourself and others. Excel in leadership. Accept responsibility. Maintain appearance.

After some amazing tacos 🌮 for dinner, we got to know each other better with a few icebreakers and Gaga ball!

We arrived at the climbing wall at 7pm and the boys set some goals. It was amazing to see them all get up on the wall. Even the one’s who weren’t sure they could even put on a harness found themselves halfway up the way with everyone cheering as they pushed themselves farther than they ever had before. They were overcoming fears and building confidence.

After the climbing wall, we finished the day in the lake. The boys had so much fun playing king of the raft and throwing the football around.

Many of these boys have never been to summer camp. Many have never been on a horse before. Some have never been away from home for this long. A few are learning to swim for the first time in their life. It looks like there will be many “firsts” this week.

Pray that God would continue to lift away anxiety and fear. We have a few boys who are afraid of the dark; pray for courage. Pray for the staff as we try to support the boys in the best ways we can.


  1. Paula - previous camper’s mom

    Sending prayers for an amazing and impactful week guys! You will remember this week forever and the friendships you build with God and the fellow boys and leaders will last forever!

  2. Kim

    Praying over all your requests and more. Looks like a great 1st day!

  3. Brad and Nicole Mokma

    Praying for all of these boys, especially the staff as this has got to be an emotional draining week as you help these teen boys! Prayers for God to give you strength, words and wisdom, and walls to come down and a heart to hear God through through all of remberance ranch for our boys!!

  4. Deb

    So excited for this time 😎😎. Praying for all ✝️🙏🏻

  5. Brianna and Matt Witte

    So happy to see the boys having a good time and working together. We pray they learn a lot and are blessed by the holy spirit. We are so grateful for the staff and leaders who have worked endlessly to prepare for this week and who are pouring into these boys daily.

    P.S. Hiiiiii Alex!!!!

    • Pamela

      What a wonderful experience ❤️ Looks like you all are having a great time.. love you Leah Nana Papa xoxo

  6. Russ

    What a wonderful experience for you guys ! You are building up great confidence to overcome trials in life with God’s help and good leadership encouragement . Praying for endurance on the trail and bring it home !


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