The Hike Begins

by | Jun 16, 2023 | Ranch News | 1 comment

The group is now in the hike phase of their camp experience. Thursday morning the group packed up and said good-bye to their routines at CranHill. They gathered for a quick lesson on how to set up their tents while camping during the hike, packed up and hit the road. After a delicious lunch and small nap in the van, the girls arrived at Red Bridge and began their first leg of the hike. Even though the morning was a bit wet and misty, the girls set off with excitement. Thursdays hike was to be about 3.5 miles. We received word by evening that the group had made it to their first campsite in record time. We heard that the girls really did AMAZING! The entire group maintained a positive attitude and were very supportive of each other. The hike was hard but the girls conquered it with great confidence.

This evening (Friday) as I type this update the girls are at their second campsite and have completed their second leg of the journey on the trail. Cell service is hard to get at this point so I haven’t been able to receive pictures today. Included is a photo from Thursday afternoon as the girls were all packed up and were ready to begin the hike. Parents – your girls are doing an amazing thing! I know from experience this is not easy, yet they are staying so strong and positive! They are feeling the prayers that are surrounding them.

Continue to send up prayers. Prayers for strength and courage as they push through to the end. Sunday is coming and I know they will be so happy to see everyone at celebration – but they still have one more leg of the hike to complete and more comfort zones to step out of. We are so grateful for this amazing group of teens God has assembled. They are doing hard things and learning and growing in incredible ways!

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  1. Ashley King

    Thanks for sharing! I have loved to see the girls on their journey💕


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