Strength and Grit

by | Jun 17, 2023 | Ranch News | 0 comments

Tonight (Saturday) is the last night of the adventure for the girls. I received word today that the girls successfully finished the last leg of the hike! 11 miles backpacked over the last three days. What an accomplishment! The girls have been so supportive of each other. They have truly come together as a group to help each other accomplish a hard goal. I am sure all of you are so excited so see your girls tomorrow and hear all of the amazing stories. These last 9 days are just the beginning of an amazing journey together. We are so grateful for this group of amazing teens and feel so honored be a part of their journey.

The sunshine finally decided to make an appearance and the group is so thankful for the sunshine. This morning the group had an easy morning and took their time hitting the trail. They spent a little extra time just enjoying their campsite and having one last dip in the river. The group then hiked the last 3 miles of their hike to their most “modern” campground of the trip. They even got to have a pizza party to celebrate finishing strong! No doubt, the girls will sleep well under the stars one last night.

I have been able to receive some snapshots from the last few days. Love to see these smiles! They have accomplished a hard task, these smiles tell me that they are proud of themselves. And so are we!! What and example of courage, strength and grit.

Well done girls, well done!


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