Starting Strong

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Ranch News | 5 comments

Our boys group arrived, settled in and is already conquering so many things!

The climbing wall was their first adventure Saturday afternoon. All the teens accepted the challenge of scaling the very tall wall! The boys really pushed themselves outside of comfort zones and gave it their best try!

The group is beginning to become more comfortable with each other, new friendships are forming. The boys woke early Sunday morning ready for another day. The teens were very curious about the days schedule and very excited about meeting their horses! The first day of horsemanship was a big success. The boys are beginning to form a relationship with their horses and are learning new skills on how to care for these beautiful creatures.

The boys also tackled the task of completing the spider-web challenge. The group each had to make their way through the web without touching the ropes or talking! This is the first activity the boys will do in beginning to learn how to work together as a group to tackle a hard task. It’s always fun to watch the kids try to communicate without using voices! The boys did great and will take lessons learned into the next group challenge as they learn new skills in working together.

The boys are loving the Facebook live events and seeing who is on watching and they are enjoying reading your blog posts! Keep your posts coming! It is a great way for the boys to stay encouraged at the end of each day.

Continue to pray for the group – prayers for strength, energy and health as they continue on this life-changing journey. They are off to a strong start!


  1. Dwayne Huff

    Hi Hayden,
    My name is Dwayne and I am so excited for you to be part of this experience! I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities and continue to challenge yourself. I am praying that this will be a life changing experience for you and you will learn how awesome you are in God’s eyes and mine. Have a good night!

  2. Phyllis Steffen

    Hi Yoel
    Hope you enjoyed grooming the horses and telling the horse all your stories. Praying that the exercise equipment was a good challenge and also you are getting lots of exercise.
    Praying that your devotions are really good and giving you the strength and good health to have a great time.
    Have a great day and a rest time after your fun time today. Be safe in the weather and this old lady is going to ask you to drink lots of water. God bless. Phyllis Steffen

  3. Kellie Self

    Hey Francisco,
    I saw you with your head down at hatchet throwing. I’m sorry you
    weren’t feeling up to participating. I’m praying you feel better or get better sleep tonight so you can be back to your energetic self tomorrow!
    Love ya!
    Mrs. Self

  4. Michael L Hoogewind


    Mom and Dad are incredible proud of you and I pray that contiue you push yourself out your comfort zone. We miss you and Love you

  5. Russ Nichols

    Praying for you to have a blessed time and seeing the beauty and wonder of God’s creation and how he is making you into being a young man of courage and wisdom and increasing faith and trust in His goodness for you and the team you are with.


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